"The original of the taking a lesson from the past"
From Hokkaido,JAPAN.

While I wore various jeans, I came to think that "original jeans wanted to form myself".
became gradually strong in the thought and did determination to deal with by oneself from the beginning at last.

I valued the atmosphere of vintage jeans and made the original product which could feel such an atmosphere.

I send "HIGUMA JEANS" from Hokkaido,Japan.

To the people whom all loves jeans, and enjoy it.

Why named "HIGUMA JEANS"?

"HIGUMA" is the name of a bear inhabiting Hokkaido.

"HIGUMA". Reference: The wooden bear that the family of Hokkaido will have one by all means. iIt is a lie.^ ^ j

Hokkaido where there is the winter that the four seasons become clear and are severe, and is cold.
The HIGUMA which lives in the severe medium vigorously.

I thought about "a quality of Hokkaido" by making such a "brown bear" original jeans name
though I "might be unstylish that I had you image robustness, robustness".

"HIGUMA Yellow"

I put a wish so that all people who had you wear jeans found happiness and assumed yellow the main color of HIGUMA JEANS.

Tab Sleek

"A lucky bear yellow tab of the happiness".

I make much of yellow color development and finish weaving it, and it is given "lucky bear" embroidery.

"Yellow sleek of the happiness".

A Japanese movie shares "a yellow handkerchief of the happiness" and sews it with yellow cloth.

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